MAPLE ROOM - A Glimpse Of The Inside

Maple Room - A Glimpse Of The Inside

12 songs
55:21 minutes
Funtime / Shave The Area


Metalcore, episode 745: After a lengthy preoccupation with old school hardcore and classic punk rock, it seems that our neighbours from Belgium have finally discovered metalcore. Maple Room offer a dozen typical genre tracks that offer everything from sugar coated vocals to angry screamo parts, with occasional math breaks to show that they are technically versatile, and then end the album with ten minutes of silence before half a minute of subdued music stop the CD. This hidden bonus track fashion was already old when it was invented by Nirvana fifteen years ago, and when it’s not even revealing something worthwhile as on this album, it really becomes frustrating.

Apart from that, Maple Room are no better and no worse than your average army of average metalcore bands that have been sprouting like mushrooms after a rainy day, flooding the market with products that normal people can’t discern one from another. Maple Room further make the mistake of more or less using the same template for every song, making their second album A Glimpse Of The Inside not only terribly unoriginal, but also a very wearying ordeal that I decided never to suffer through again after having written this review.

Metalcore kids might still find a liking, but even they should ask themselves how often they can consume a good thing before it even grows tired on them.

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