MARDI GRAS.BB - My Private Hadron

Mardi - My Private Hadron

15 songs
39:19 minutes
***** ***


It’s been one year since I witnessed an exception live show by Mardi, leaving me in a not too sober state and a serious headache the morning after. This German band has been known to reinvent themselves from album to album, but this time, on their eighth release, the changes are comparatively minor. They are still an eleven man high big band, led by vocalist, guitarist and songwriter Doc Wenz and his sidekick Reverend Krug formerly of Guru Guru. Seven band members are in charge of the brass section, while DJ Mahmut adds the modern touches and is responsible for the atmospheric interludes.

My Private Hadron is a very current title, considering how some fringe scientists prophesied the end of the world, after the Large Hadron Collider was launched in Geneva. As of now, it is offline again, and no black holes have yet started to devour the earth and the rest of the universe. The only major difference comes from Reverend Krug who switched his impressive sousaphone for a bass guitar, which gives the music a more rock oriented sound. The songwriting concurs, is less melancholic as on the one and a half year ago released The Exile Itch, and even surprises with quite catchy ideas, as can be heard on the opener Child Of Pop and Jet Bambini. Four intros respectively interludes, performed by DJ Mahmut, add the necessary sci-fi touch, true to the quantum physics related album title.

When all is said and done, Mardi have once again delivered a flawless soul rock album that you wouldn’t expect in such an authenticity from a European band. Doc Wenz is not only a real-life physician, but also one of the most charismatic vocalists from Germany. His big band does him justice and plays the perfect soundtrack for his compositions. It is hard to say if this new album is better than the last one, although back then a bonus DVD with a live concert added even more incentive to buy the product.

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