MARTYR A.D. - On Earth As It Is In Hell

Martyr A.D. - On Earth As It Is In Hell

13 songs
30:25 minutes
***** **


And yet another metalcore band? Doesn't it take an end? Martyr A.D. are from the United States, On Earth As It Is In Hell is their second album, and it's released on Victory Records, a label that in the recent past did more emo punk stuff. This is certainly no bad stuff, loaded with mega-joules of lo-fat energy, but as soon as I have arrived at the third track The Serpent And The Flower, I see a band striving to be more than just another death thrash metal core band, but not yet daring to go all the way, like their awe-inspiring label mates Between The Buried And Me. Whenever Martyr A.D. do crazy complicated stuff, they are able to be really great, but more often than not it's the simple Hatebreed school, entertaining enough and done with dexterity, but lacking a will of its own. Highlights can be found, but are rather sparse, and with a playing time of half an hour, you won't get too much value for your money. You can't do anything wrong if you purchase it from a bargain bin, but I wouldn't spend the regular CD price on this. 7 points with the hope that their next album will be less old school and more progressive sounding.

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