MARVINS REVOLT - Fell In Love With Tanks & Satellites

Marvins Revolt - Fell In Love With Tanks & Satellites

12 songs
41:59 minutes
***** ****


Two years ago Marvins Revolt from Denmark offered a little taste of what modern noise rock can be all about, in form of a self-titled six-track CD-EP that also received rave reviews on these pages. Now, two years later, on their first full-length album Fell In Love With Tanks & Satellites, the four-piece not only shows that they able to maintain the high level of the EP, but they matter-of-factly deliver what is among the best distorted rock albums of the year.

Instead of trying to adhere to one of the contemporary bandwagons (metalcore, mathrock,...), Marvins Revolt proudly and totally unselfconsciously dig deep in the repertoire of Nineties noise rock and combine British shoegaze school (My Bloody Valentine, Ride) with the more out of control American noise school (Dinosaur Jr), leaving ample room for dual guitar infernos and adding multiple vocals that in their melodic awareness build a nice counterpoint to the noisy music.

With all the distortions and feedback Marvins Revolt put into their music, they never forget the song itself which sounds best on the more unrestrained tracks like the opener Revolted, Exploding Suns, F/Lava and Let Go Of The Decades up to the closing All Is Good. The only more disappointing track is The Indifference (Of Good Men And Women) where the band tries to provide a quieter moment, which is probably meant all right but lacks the dynamic potential of their louder songs.

Fell In Love With Tanks & Satellites is a stand-out album that shows that in times where too many bands try to be more trendy than their neighbours, that it is still good to have bands around that are rooted in a genre which leaves still many facets to discover.

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