Marvins Revolt - Killec

8 songs
24:13 minutes
***** ***


Marvins Revolt is a three-piece rock band form Copenhagen. They started as a quartet in 2002 and their first release was a rather raw rock album inspired by noise bands from the Nineties like Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr and My Bloody Valentine.

The new album shows Marvins Revolt from a less aggressive side. Noise and aggression have nearly completely vanished and the band is concentrating on more complex but melodic songwriting. The opener Jeliberate Jeels gets my attention thanks to a Robert Fripp-like guitar and vocals that show parallels to David Byrne. Bugs In Time goes more or less into the same direction and is built upon a balance of rhythm and melody. New Years In Warsaw starts as a more pop based tune before surprising with loud and noisy distortions. The trickier All Who Float Have Not Sunken highlights how much Marvins Revolt have matured. Multiple Fractures and Folks Ain’t Sleeping are two more complex songs which can be filed under post rock as they are neither pure rock nor pop. Finally the album ends with the mellower Times Will Change.

In the past, I always liked Marvins Revolt but they could never keep my attention for a long time. This changed with the new record which underlines the great progression of the band. Now somebody please explain the album title.

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