MASHA - 24 Hours A Night

Masha - 24 Hours A Night

12 songs
47:25 minutes
***** **


Masha is no other than the daughter of Frank Elstner, a popular German TV entertainer. Although his son decided to do more or less the same like his father (he even has exactly the same voice), the very pretty daughter (her voice is different) decided for a career as a musician. On her first CD 24 Hours A Night, she presents 12 moderate rock pop songs, not too bad for that kind of music. If you have to compare her voice to any other singer, I would choose Alannah Myles (remember Black Velvet?) or Tasmin Archer (remember Sleeping Satellite?). But everyone familiar with the songs of Alanis Morissette may also find pleasure with Masha's music. What she's doing is definitely better than most pop tunes played on commercial TV and radio stations, although I regret that the production on this CD is just too clean. Producer and drummer on the album is Leslie Mandoki, a former Dschinghis Khan musician. Although most songs are melodic and rock orientated, the CD also contains two beautiful pop ballad called Honesty and All I've Got. This is not exactly my favourite kind of music, but Masha makes part of the better German pop rock stars. By the way, she's living in Luxemburg.

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