Massive Assault - Conflict

4 songs
13:06 minutes
***** **
Crash Landing


Even though the band name sounds suspiciously like Massive Attack, you don't have to expect another trip hop band paying tribute to the Bristol sound (as if anyone still cared for that fad). Instead this young Dutch band plays Scandinavian brand death metal that is astonishingly well produced for a home recording. In fact the low budget conditions surrounding this release even give it a certain charm, with the bass guitar having more gravitas (ok, I got that word from RPGs) than in your average death metal production.

As a starter, Conflict is a hell of a promising EP. The songwriting, although being far from bad, struggles at times to come up with memorable moments, but the band makes up for that with the sheer power of unspent youth. So this is certainly not one of the more original bands I have heard lately, but there is still an undeniable freshness to Massive Assault which makes me hand them seven hopeful points for this mini-album. Although next time it would be nice to add at least two more cuts because thirteen minutes is even rather short for an EP. This way it could even have fit on a seven inch vinyl. Let's see what the future brings for Massive Assault and hope they will be able to come with a not necessarily better but more original full length album one of these days.

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