MASSIVE ASSAULT - Dystopian Prophecies

Massive Assault - Dystopian Prophecies

9 songs
34:45 minutes
***** **
Crash Landing


It’s been three years since Dutch death metal purists released their debut EP Conflict, making me wonder why they used the time to come up with only thirty-five minutes of music, especially since their first longplayer contains new recorded versions of one song from said EP and one song from an earlier demo that even features their ex-vocalist.

Stylistically Massive Assault haven’t changed an ounce. They are still knee-deep into early Nineties Swedish death metal, with pioneers like Entombed, Dismember but also Dutch bands like Asphyx having left an impact on their sound. Apart from the slightly longer title track which concludes the CD, we get a constant onslaught of death metal pieces that run between three and four minutes. The band’s philosophy is best demonstrated on the short O.S.D.M. which stands of course for Old School Death Metal, coming with lyrics that couldn’t be any more direct or simpler.

Massive Assault don’t like to complicate things, preferring instead to play things the hard and rough way. Switching skilfully between mid-tempo grooves and faster old school riffing, Dystopian Prophecies manages to entertain from beginning to end, but honestly, you won’t find any original ideas on this record. The quartet is averse to contemporary tendencies in death metal and stubbornly follows its musical vision as if the last fifteen years had never happened.

The suitable production underlines the authenticity of it all, giving Dystopian Prophecies the necessary credibility to work as a sincere tribute to the early days of Scandinavian death metal. The long time experience of the band that started back in 2001 furthermore ensures that the final result is a very convincing exercise in retro delight that should get the attention of everyone who was there when the movement started and is now tired of new currents diluting the original intent.

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