MASTODON - Lifesblood

Mastodon - Lifesblood

5 songs
15:41 minutes
***** ****

Some CDs are just not appropriate if you are planning to have a candlelight dinner with the girl of your dreams. But then what kind of idiot would you be to choose a band called Mastodon? You certainly don't expect sweetness from a band with such a heavy sounding name, but rather uncompromising brutality, and there you are.

Brann Dailor and Bill Kelliher, 50% of Mastodon, shared musical experience as members of psy-core legend Today Is The Day, and although they left there in 1999, you get quite a nice impression of what Mastodon is like. Maybe less atmospheric than their prior band, they know how to combine their sheer brutality with fast and jazzy rhythms which remind bands like Refused and Dillinger Escape Plan, although Mastodon put their emphasis clearly on heavy song structures.

Unfortunately, Lifesblood is only a 5-song mini-album and therefore just a foretaste of what to get on their first longplayer in 2002, but what a foretaste this is! Two longer songs (Shadows That Move and Battle At Sea) encompass three shorter but faster songs in the middle.

If you dig neurotic psy-core sounds and are not afraid to turn off the light at night, then Mastodon's debut EP is the matter your nightmares are made off. If, on the other hand, you are more of a wimp, I suggest we go back to the beginning of this review and to the hypothetic candlelight dinner...

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