MATLOCKS - Rock You Naked With Flaws And Bruises

Matlocks - Rock You Naked With Flaws And Bruises

11 songs
35:20 minutes
***** *
Dirty Earth


The Matlocks, an American slam glam rock’n’roll band playing its self-invented Pilsner Rock genre, were discovered by the one and only Lord Bishop when they were touring Europe in 2006. His label made a European release possible for their debut Rock You Naked With Flaws And Bruises which saw the light of day a year earlier in the USA.

The Matlocks are definitely stuck in the late Eighties and early Nineties. Although you can’t accuse the band of originality, they are doing their job in such an authentic and easygoing way that you can hardly blame them. The opener Butt Crack Baby doesn’t only underline the band’s special brand of humour, but also a strong Love/Hate (underestimated one-hit-wonder active fifteen years ago) influence. During its running time, you will find parallels to various sleaze and hard rockers like The Almighty, Aerosmith, Faster Pussycat, Georgia Satellites, Mötley Crüe, Kiss, etc.

This is of course entertaining and I guess that it works even better in a live setting. Unfortunately the fun ends after the first six songs, the only studio material on the CD. The five following tracks are live recordings whose sound quality is abominable.

Releasing a six-track EP would have been a smarter move for The Matlocks. They still seem a bit young and not yet ready to entertain for more than half an hour. The album certainly contains some nice ideas, but there’s still a lot of work to be accomplished.

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