MATT BOROFF - Matt Boroff

Matt Boroff - Matt Boroff

10 songs
40:07 minutes
***** **


Matt Boroff is an American singer-songwriter who lives in Austria. In the early nineties, he was member of the noise band Planet Dread who did some support gigs for Nirvana. He still likes to play noisy indie rock, but much calmer than he did in the past. Especially on his lo-fi ballads (Soft Sky, You Don't Need It, Take It Down), he sounds like a male version of P.J. Harvey. They are well done, but I really prefer the songs where he rocks. In that case, they contain a huge amount of different influences like postgrunge, psychedelic and even some tex-mex. My personal favourites on this CD are Touch and Kontrol where Matt Boroff comes close to great rock acts like Afghan Whigs or Pearl Jam. And even when his rock songs are more moderate, they often are interrupted by guitar offensives which do some serious ass kicking. This album is a promising start, but I still would like to give some advice to Matt Boroff: first, you are a better rocker than singer-songwriter, so continue that way! and second, shave your moustache, it really doesn't look cool!

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