MATTSSON - Power Games

Mattsson - Power Games

8 songs
57:56 minutes
***** **


Lars Eric Mattsson is another one of these new generation guitar heroes that are clearly stuck in the hard rock music of the 70ies and the heavy metal extravaganza of the 80ies. Sure enough there must still be an audience for that kind of music, otherwise I can't explain why so many guitar albums still face the market.

But before your face turns pale in anticipation of another vocal-less effort, you can relax, because Mattsson has Balance Of Power vocalist Lance King take over the vocals on all the songs except the 17-minutes long Beyond The Horizon - Guitar Concerto No. 1 which - as its title suggests - showcases Mattsson's techniques in all its splendour. Of course Mattsson is not only a very good guitarist, he also has reached an age where he has found his niche, so the concerto is not as bad as you might think. Especially the middle section has some nice keyboards.

Apart from that, the seven remaining songs (that still have a playing time of 40 minutes) head into a prog metal direction, although lengthy solos are seemingly more important than odd time signatures, but then who am I to judge the technical details of a song? All in all, the vocal songs are quite ok, melodic power metal that is best when the band speeds up, but which becomes rather unbearable on the ballad Chained To My Pain.

So what we have is a rather good prog power metal with one really long instrumental track. Something which might find an audience, as normal metal fans as well as more technical ones will find something to enjoy here. 7 points.

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