Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster - II

11 songs
40:40 minutes
***** ***


As the album title makes clear, this is the second CD by Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster. The choice of their new label Ferret is unusual as this record company is specialised in hardcore and metalcore. MATSOD is a band combining southern rock with aggressive heavy metal. Their metalcore roots can be explained by the fact that the band was founded by singer Dallas Taylor after he lost his job as frontman for Christian metalcore act Underoath.

II is a thematic album that concerns 1920s gangster Ma Barker and her family's prohibition era crime escapades. This is reflected on the cover artwork. The six musicians are using three guitars as Iron Maiden also does. This is of course a bonus point for the coolness factor of a hard rock band, but MATSOD really know to rock when you listen to tracks like the opener Memories Of The Grove, Darkest Of Kin which lives from its cool guitar chords and the rawest track Everyone Needs A Hasting. Especially the hoarse vocals match perfectly with this vicious form of southern rock. Close your eyes when listening to their CD, and you will probably imagine a brawl in a saloon.

If you prefer the band’s less aggressive side, you should check Dry The River and Death Is An Alcoholic which both have such catchy choruses that you want to push the repeat button on your CD player. Raised By The Tide is another well done mid-tempo track, but the album takes an even more surprising turn towards the end. Tale Of The Runaways is a ballad with slide guitar that could run on every self-respecting country and western station, and the album finally ends with an acoustic laid-back instrumental which unfortunately would have worked betterif it had been only half as long.

After Alabama Thunderpussy, MATSOD may be the next band able to combine quality hard rock with metal and southern rock. II is an album that can become a milestone in its genre and I now already predict that it will become a timeless piece of rock music.

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