Maylene and the Sons of Disaster - III

11 songs
39:17 minutes
***** ***


Maylene and the Sons of Disaster not only took their name from a notorious criminal gang, but seem to have transported likewise mean customs into their band. Since their last record II, the drummer and the three guitarists had to leave the band, so that only former Underoath frontman Dallas Taylor and bassist Roman Haviland remained. This makes you wonder how much is true about Christians’ fondness for love, peace and harmony. They recruited new members allowing them to work as a sextet once again.

When two third of a band has been replaced, this should have an impact on the musical content, which consequently is the case here. Maylene and the Sons of Disaster have taken distance from their hardcore roots and veered in a more Southern rock inspired direction. This doesn’t mean that they now sound like ZZ Top or Georgia Satellites, but definitely different from before. The record starts in a raw fashion with tracks like Waiting On My Deathbed and Setting Scores By Burning Bridges, but the Southern elements are combined seamlessly with more extreme sounds. After this, the CD becomes more accessible and surprises with the emotional Just A Shock and the supercool Step Up, two tracks that would be ideal single edits. In its middle section, III switches skilfully between short, heavier tracks and their more sunny orientation. Towards the end, the unusual Oh Lonely Grave amazes with a great setup. And the concluding instrumental The End Is Beautiful shows another face of the band, even if that song could have done with a little more vigour.

Tolerant fans of the earlier works by Maylene and the Sons of Disaster will certainly like the band’s development. Parallels to Corrosion Of Conformity and Monster Magnet come to mind, although this is not the entire truth. Maylene and the Sons of Disaster play their own brand of Southern metal, and this is a good thing. III is the ideal soundtrack for a warm summer.

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