MEAN TO YOU - Fallen

Mean To You - Fallen

6 songs
26:49 minutes
***** **


According to their Facebook page, Luxembourgish rock newcomers are mostly influenced by bands I usually don’t listen to (Alter Bridge, Creed, Sevendust, Godsmack, Staind), so I had to put me into a more objective state of mind to give the guys a fair chance. Founded in 2012 as a three-piece, Mean To You soon found a vocalist who’s also doubling as a guitarist, and it didn’t take them long from there to come up with their first EP Fallen.

The six songs make it to nearly half an hour, where the band walks the thin line between rock and hard rock, with some alternative elements to keep it all quite contemporary. To my ears, this sounds like something somewhere between Nickelback and Metallica’s black album era. The former I don’t really like, the latter are ok with me. But it has to be said that Mean To You are quite able songwriters, which prevents Fallen from becoming a tedious affair.

The opener and title track is one of the band’s more powerful tracks, where especially the guitar tandem and the proficient bass lines give a good impression. The drums are played well too, but the cymbals are rattling a little too much in the mix. The vocals are probably a matter of taste. He certainly can sing, but his kind of performance sounds a little too alternative hard rock for my taste. The following Save Me starts with acoustic guitar and consequently turns into a power ballad. Only yesterday I saw a documentary on German TV about hard rock where it was emphasised how important power ballads are for that genre, and it seems that Mean To You have learned that lesson. Well, you can’t blame the guys for lack of trying, as this song certainly has a healthy dose of pathos. Ocean Waves is another heavier track which alternates with modern alternative rock parts.

The second half of the EP starts with another power ballad, Goodbye, and as much as I usually make a huge detour around this kind of stuff, I concede that Mean To You really know their trade. Song structure and build-up of tension definitely work in the band’s favour. The final two tracks Down From Here and Seven are rocking harder once again, concluding this debut EP in a very satisfying way.

So this is not the kind of music I would listen to in my private time, but it is even obvious to me that there is a lot of potential in this band. Fallen may not be produced to the highest standards and therefore sounds like a better done demo. But with enough determination and a more powerful production, these guys might make it in the alternative hard rock genre. I wish them well with all future endeavours.

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