MEDLEY JUKEBOX - Doll Orchestra

Medley Jukebox - Doll Orchestra

4 songs
12:12 minutes
***** **


After winning the Netrock festival last year, Medley Jukebox were offered the opportunity to record an EP for free. Consequently the band decided to offer it for free on their shows and also put it as a gratis download on their Bandcamp site. This fan-friendly behaviour should encourage people to check out the four new songs they recorded for Doll Orchestra, especially since they are a logical follow-up to the sound they familiarised us with on last year’s album The Art Of Letting Go.

The songs are more or less three minutes long and cram a high number of ideas into each track. The two and a half minute opener Mister Trickster has a funky intro, followed by oriental synth lines, before giving space to the rocking guitars. The following Cannonball is considered the EP’s single for which Medley Jukebox also made a video clip that can be watched on their homepage and on YouTube. This song has a less experimental touch, but still has enough subtleties waiting to be discovered. Requiem For Rats shows once again the band’s fondness for funk music, while the concluding Dance In Mogadishu tends slightly into a more hardrock direction.

Medley Jukebox are one of those local vintage band that have been around for over ten years (they used to be Myein in the early years of the millennium) and now apparently don’t care anymore for commercial success. Refusing to follow any current trend, their music is rooted in the guitar heavy alternative rock music of the Nineties, but Medley Jukebox are also not afraid to use a variety of synth sounds to give their sound a strange note. The guitars are fat and crunchy, contrasting with Steve Birtz’s rather high vocals. The latter may not be to everyone’s taste, but no one can deny that it is refreshing to hear nowadays a band that does what it wants, independent of current hypes.

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