THE MEDULLARY PARALYSIS - We Don’t Drink, We Don’t Take Drugs, We Don’t Have Sex, We Feel Compassion

The Medullary Paralysis - We Don’t Drink, We Don’t Take Drugs, We Don’t Have Sex, We Feel Compassion

3 songs
11:25 minutes
***** *


Someone must be aiming at the longest record title of all times! The Medullary Paralysis from Italy are a band that wants to achieve international success and therefore doesn’t spare any resources to make themselves appear interesting. Claiming that their EP’s title sums up their life style (and the stereotype always went that Italians are all red hot lovers…), the three-piece comes clad in lilac latex costumes, white face makeup and black eye paint. While their image reminds me strongly of Devo, their music is far more contemporary, with Marilyn Manson and Nine Inch Nail being good reference points, although The Smashing Pumpkins and Tears For Fears are also among their influences. The latter didn’t leave any discernible traces in their sound though.

Relying on the services of a drum machine, The Medullary Paralysis aim for a less organic sound, which is in line with their android appearances. I can’t say that the three tracks featured on this debut are anything special. The guys know the tricks of the trade, and ably come up with fiercely rocking industrial rock with a certain gothic touch. The vocals are really good, the instrumentation always underlines the good intentions. But despite having participated in a couple of talent shows, they may have skipped the recording class, because the muddy production is the biggest and most singular drawback of their EP. A more transparent and punching sound would have highlighted their clinically aggressive music. The way things are now, we are left with three really intriguing songs. The opener Compassion On The Dance Floor is a hard hitting industrial rock number performed at the brisk pace of 160 bpm, followed by the rather sluggish (90 bpm only) Fashion Slave, before it all ends with my personal highlight Heaven Forbid that, despite coming at the same tempo as the opener, manages to add highly welcome atmospheric moods.

The Medullary Paralysis may come a few years late with their project. Other bands have been already rather successful with similar concepts, but all hope is not yet lost. Despite having failed in the production department, it is undeniable that these guys have talent and really mean to get their music out into the world. Let’s wait and see if they are able to build on the promising first steps documented on We Don’t Drink, We Don’t Take Drugs, We Don’t Have Sex, We Feel Compassion.

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