MEDUZA - Upon The World

Meduza - Upon The World

9 songs
46:24 minutes
***** *


Upon The World is the second record by Swedish neo-classical metal band Meduza and can be seen as a logical consequence of their debut Now And Forever from 2001. There were no big line-up changes (a keyboarder joined the band) and producer is again Mike Wead (Mercyful Fate, King Diamond, Memento Mori). The melodic songwriting and the bombastic production draw strong parallels to 70s rock or metal acts like Deep Purple and especially Rainbow. This doesn't mean that Meduza are just copying their idols, but they present classic hard rock songs in a contemporary metal style. It's not exactly my favourite kind of music, but definitely more interesting than just listening to the clones. The guitar player and band founder Stefan (Ed)Berg (Oh no! Not another Sweden joke, the review of their debut was full of them!) shows remarkable skills, but unfortunately a bit too often which is somehow annoying. But if you like well played metal songs with a 70s retro touch, you should check out Meduza.

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