MEENIES - Kill, Baby, Kill!

Meenies - Kill, Baby, Kill!

14 songs
24:09 minutes
***** **
Dirty Earth


Seriously, there are people out there who think punk rock should be about critical thinking, social awareness and helping old grannies across the street. Have these people forgotten that the original punk movement was about being as antisocial as possible? Thank goodness the Meenies from London still remember the origins of punk. Inspired by Elvis, Misfits, Clash and Ramones, they beat their fourteen songs in under half an hour through the speakers, averaging less than two minutes per track, and not giving a damn about technical finesse or proper production. A bit like the Dwarves many years earlier, sex is the predominant topic of their lyrics, with the catchy Boot Wearing Carpet Munching Sister Fisters Are Go! having to be the dream fantasy of every well functioning testosterone guided male.

Of course the Meenies are primitive, aiming at men’s most basic instincts, but doesn’t society need from time to time outlaw figures to give us an opportunity to vent (in a harmless way, because it’s only rock’n’roll after all) our most primitive impulses?

What I like about the Meenies is the casualness of their approach, the directness with which they come to the point, not caring for commonly accepted songwriting procedures. This is just primitive garage punk, with roots going as far back as the Fifties and Sixties, roughed up with a production that should make every well-combed human being run for cover. Kill, Baby, Kill! is certainly not a must-have album, but it manages to convey a directness which many contemporary punk recordings lack these days.

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