MEHIDA - Blood & Water

Mehida - Blood & Water

11 songs
47:48 minutes
***** **


This could have been an incredible debut. Mehida have it all to stand above the competition. It starts with a cover artwork that is so above the cliché AD&D stuff that most other power metal bands make us suffer through. Founded by a keyboarder who used to play with Sonata Arctica and fronted by a vocalist who used to sing on an early Nineties Candlesmass album, this band has enough experience not to be called newcomers anymore. After a weird intro, the band segues into Unchanging which sounds like a concise version of Dream Theater. From here on, Mehida pull all the registers from melodic to power and progressive metal, but what they still lack are real hits and moving moments. Except on the slightly longer Dry Bones where they fool around a little more and you get the impression that it is this song that should set the course for their future orientation.

Apart from that, the band hardly ever dares to experiment with longer and more complex structures, until the album ends with a short outro with female vocals that shows again so much more depth than their regular material.

Blood & Water is not a bad album. It is sounding slightly generic but at the same time you feel that Mehida work hard to be different from the rest. The production is full and transparent but sometimes too polished which again takes some power away from the band. I conclude this review with a well meant seven out of ten and strongly hope that such great musicians will surpass themselves on a possible future effort.

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