MELEEH - To Live And Die Alone

Meleeh - To Live And Die Alone

10 songs
30:40 minutes
***** ****
Black Star Foundation


It’s been more than two years since the last longplayer by Meleeh, but it was well worth waiting for their third album To Live And Die Alone. It may only be half an hour long, but the Swedish quintet that likes to refer to itself as a collective deliver in that short time a maximum dose of fierce screamo core that sets itself apart from most other suchlike bands.

Meleeh have certainly not invented the genre, but they profess it with an unparalleled sincerity that we encounter too rarely these days. Filling their songs with a panoply of darkest emotions (anguish, pain, anger, despair,…), the five guys switch seamlessly between brooding slow parts that show that the post metal movement has left some traces, and fast hardcore eruptions. The unusual songwriting makes it hard to pick any standout tracks, instead it seems that every single track works like a miniature story, changing moods whenever the narrative deems it necessary. The piercing vocals scream with a ferocity that hardly can be faked. Furthermore, despite the constant smothering atmosphere, especially the fast parts come with unexpectedly melodic guitar parts that add drama and tension to the music.

Add to this a beautiful and ecological cardboard packaging, and there’s no reason why any quality-conscious hardcore fan should live without To Live And Die Alone. Meleeh have definitely set their mark on the hardcore scene with their new album.

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