MELIAH RAGE - The Deep And Dreamless Sleep

Meliah Rage - The Deep And Dreamless Sleep

8 songs
36:00 minutes
***** **


Meliah Rage missed the first wave of thrash metal, and when their debut Kill To Survive was released in 1988, it not only suffered from its short running time, as their major label back then censored one song which wouldn’t make it on the album, but at the time, its combination of powerful thrash metal and melodic US power metal was a bit too much for the as yet restricted minds of the general metal fan twenty years. And when grunge came, it was all over for Meliah Rage, who in the early Nineties had a certain Sully Erna on drums, who later made much more fortune with his modern metal band Godsmack. But Meliah never gave up for long, and finally started a return in the early millennium.

The Deep And Dreamless Sleep is their seventh release in twenty years, and after initial problems, I came to like it eventually. Stylistically nothing much has changed with Meliah Rage. They still perform this power thrash hybrid, with groovy song structures, heavy rhythms, testosterone filled vocals and melodic guitar work that is clearly inspired by the NWOBHM. Meliah Rage are always best when they play a little faster, which is the case for probably half the songs on the album.

You can call their music timeless or old-fashioned, that’s up to you. I can’t yet decide for myself, because as fresh as they still sound, they also have a certain unspectacular side to them. The cover artwork is boring, their logo taken from a true type font that can be found on every computer, the running time is again a little short for this kind of album, and I would have wished for one or two stand-out tracks.

The Deep And Dreamless Sleep is a good melodic power thrash album by a band that has been overlooked twenty years ago, and that will still be overlooked twenty years from now. But that doesn’t change the fact that Meliah Rage are always a guarantee for solid heavy metal productions that don’t care about current trends.

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