Memorized Dreams - Theater Of Life

9 songs
40:37 minutes
Sound Riot


A little bit of history about Memorized Dreams from Norway: they started in 1999 under the name Symphonica Divine as a power metal band. Then they took a female singer to become more rockish. As the musicians weren't satisfied, they renamed the band Dreamscape to play Dream Theater like prog metal. Finally the band name was changed to Memorized Dreams and once again, they play power metal. While reading this, you have the impression that this band from Norway doesn't know what they want. And you are right. Although Memorized Dreams are now concentrating on more classical and power metal riffs, they still don't sound very authentic and can't convince me. I have to admit that I am not the biggest power metal fan, but it's understandable that other bands are more successful and popular in this genre. Cardinal Sin starts very promising with a intro reminding of King Diamond, but the song becomes very quickly too traditional. Most songs have a quite simple power metal frame you have already heard a thousand times before. Other songs are really bad and far below average. Neverland is too powerless to be considered metal, Revelating Paradise seems not be composed until its end and the ballad Sea Of Oblivion has no real depth. There's still a lot of work to do for Memorized Dreams. I can recommend this album only to the metalheads who think that not a single true metal album should be missing in their collection.

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