MEMPHIS MAY FIRE - Memphis May Fire

Memphis May Fire - Memphis May Fire

5 songs
19:14 minutes
***** ****


Texan newcomers Memphis May Fire self-released their self-titled debut-EP already in early 2007, but their daring mix of hardcore, metal, emo and Southern rock was received so well by press and fans alive that Trustkill Records decided to re-release it one year later.

As contradictorily a combination of Underoath and ZZ Top may seem, Memphis May Fire really pull this off. And they show just as much imagination when it comes to naming their songs. The opener Cowbell’s Making A Comeback is a powerfully orchestrated song with numerous breaks, grooves and successful melodies. The confrontation of clean vocals and angry growls certainly isn’t new, but it works perfectly well. Just as much as they yield a lot of charm from combining aggressive guitars with classic Southern rock. The following Neutron Cameras vs. Smuggled Nuclear Bombs and Therapy Caravan Of The Fair Room are just as driving. The biggest contrast between radio compatible rock sound and really mean and dirty extreme core can be found on History Of Mercia. The hysterical Conjuctions, Conjunctions, Everybody Loves Them, which again convinced with crazy emo meets Southern rock patterns, ends the EP.

Memphis May Fire are probably too brutal for old school Southern rock fans, but the younger generation who grew up on modern metal and postcore won’t be disturbed by the more rocking elements. And if this EP is not enough to satisfy your appetite, there is some good news. Memphis May Fire will release this year their debut longplayer with only unreleased new material.

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