MENCEA - Dark Matter, Energy Noir

Mencea - Dark Matter, Energy Noir

8 songs
41:01 minutes
***** ***


Not bad what the Greek band Mencea is doing on their debut Dark Matter, Energy Noir. Active since 2004, they try to fuse death metal with modern metal, and succeed most of the time.

Already the opener The Passing pleases with aggressive and melodic parts clashing with incredible precision. The extremely powerful production helps to underline the band’s qualities. Mencea also take care never to neglect variety. Some tracks, like Ardad and Deep In The Under, rely on rather simple patterns, while other pieces come much more technical. My favourites are the intricate Forbidden and the quieter The Holy Cast which reminds a little of Bathory.

Mencea are very creative, and their songwriting is also far above average. As good as they are, they can’t come up stylistically with anything we haven’t heard from other bands, and their inexperience prevents them to compete with tried and tested bands like Between The Buried And Me and Meshuggah.

Beginnings are always hard, and Mencea can still be proud with their more than respectable debut which should help them build a fan base. Repeated listening doesn’t lower the entertainment value of Dark Matter, Energy Noir. On the contrary, it always begs to be listened to again.

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