MENDEED - From Shadows Came Darkness

Mendeed - From Shadows Came Darkness

7 songs
36:11 minutes
***** **


From Shadows Came Darkness, the 2004 album by the British metalcore band Mendeed, comes as a re-release, even though the band split up in 2007. Unlike other CDs from the Welsh rockers, this one is shorter and contains, next to a piano intro, only six real songs, making this rather an EP.

As this was their debut, it can’t quite keep up with their later works Positive Metal Attitude and the Shadows War Love compilation. Mendeed offer a cool mixture of mean mosh parts, choruses with gang shout vocals and a touch of emo, but From Shadows Came Darkness doesn’t yet show the depth and variety of their later material… the rawer and more aggressive sound may be to blame. Nonetheless Perpetual Sin, featuring a female guest vocalist, hints already at their more complex future.

As Mendeed’s debut wasn’t that much distributed when it was initially released, fans of the band will be glad that this early work of the ambitious metalcore band will now be easier available. Those unfamiliar with the band should first check out Shadows War Love which gives a better summary of their career.

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