MENDEED - Positive Metal Attitude

Mendeed - Positive Metal Attitude

10 songs
42:35 minutes
***** ***


Mendeed were a Scottish metalcore band that was active between 2000 and 2007. Next to a couple of singles and EPs, they only released two longplayers, but their label doesn’t seem to be content with that. Therefore they re-release Positive Metal Attitude, a formerly extremely rare album that was before only sold at the band’s live shows.

The CD contains four songs that have been recorded live at BBC Sessions plus six more tracks that had been released as B-sides. The first four songs were also in slightly different version on This War Will Last Forever (2005). Although Mendeed are undeniably a metalcore band, they managed to sound different because they tried to liven up their sound with foreign elements. Thus The Reaper Waits delights with mean thrash riffs, while Beneath A Burning Sky is rather flirting with modern metal. Even classic heavy metal inspired by the early Eighties and dirty rock’n’roll are occasionally added to their sound. Powerful breaks, varied vocals and stinging guitar riffs furthermore emphasise the songs’ qualities. The final product leaves a sincere impression and shows that not every metalcore band has to sound like the umpteenth Unearth clone.

In retrospect, I deplore the fact that I heard this band only after they broke up. Rising Records will do their best that Mendeed will not be forgotten.

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