MENDEED - Shadows War Love

Mendeed - Shadows War Love

12 songs
56:24 minutes


The re-release of Positive Metal Attitude brought me closer to the defunct Scottish metalcore band Mendeed who brought new elements and thus freshness into a genre which is all too often coupled with an artistic standstill. Unfortunately, Mendeed ceased to exist in 2007, which made their label issue a best-of compilation.

Normally such compilations are more typical for pop and disco artists. Metal bands rather give a survey of their doing in the form of a live document which then shows them from a rawer and more unpolished side. Shadows War Love is a nicely put together affair but doesn’t have the charm of a live album. Diehard Mendeed fans will probably own already most of the featured songs and therefore won’t be that interested.

Apart from the simpler Glory Be Thy Name, it’s always again surprising how much class they had. The fantastic The Reaper Waits is an unparalleled metalcore classic, and the catchy melancholic Remains Of The Day invites to sing along. What remains is the fact that Mendeed were a great band that unfortunately never received the recognition that bands like Caliban or Heaven Shall Burn did.

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