THE MEN THEY COULDN'T HANG - The Cherry Red Jukebox

The Men They Couldn't Hang - The Cherry Red Jukebox

11 songs
42:16 minutes
***** ***


The Men They Couldn't Hang have already been around for about 20 years and The Cherry Red Jukebox is only their 7th album yet. There was a break of six years between this one and the last record because Philip Odgers and Paul Simmonds made a more mellow solo career. Luckily they have decided to come back to TMTCH, a very simple song orientated music mixing different styles like rock, folk, country and blues played with a great punk attitude. The album gives you a wide overlook on these styles of music. Very excellent are the dirty Sunrise, containing harmonica and slide guitar, or the bluesy 10 Grand. Fans of more classic folk tunes will like River Town and Silvergun. If you like faster tracks, the rock'n'rollish Singing Elvis or the punky I Loved The Summer Of Hate will fit you well. Although nearly every song is sounding differently, you can't reproach to TMTCH that there would be no concept on the CD. This is surely the best album they have done in their long career. Huge thanks to Elvis Costello for having discovered this great band back in the early Eighties.

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