MESMERIZE - Stainless

Mesmerize - Stainless

10 songs
59:53 minutes
***** **


There was a three year break between Mesmerize's third album Off The Beaten Path and their new one Stainless. I don't know what the Italian metalheads have done meanwhile, but they didn't work too much on themselves because Stainless is nothing more than the logical consequence of its predecessor. The quite short opener The Burn is a fine example for classic metal the way it is very popular in Italy. Classic or so called true metal surely isn't the kind of metal that makes me mosh and bang (Morbid Angel and Testament recently were more successful on stage), but the songs on Stainless are fortunately better than the very cheap cover art work lets you guess. Most songs are fast paced with a dynamic rhythm section that shows parallels to the some works of Iron Maiden. Stainless contains some more aggressive tracks like Bitter Crop and Bloody Mary, a very epic track called Princess Of The Wolves and even doom fans will find with Hot Lead, Cold Steel something for their taste. My favourite track is Lure Of The Temptress because its unusual structures avoid it being too metallic. The only two less convincing songs are the calm Impossible Infinity and Triumph Of The Darksword which simply contains too much pathos. Italy has a very good reputation for classic metal and Mesmerize fulfil the expectations. True metalheads should try Stainless.

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