MESOMORNERM - Mesomornerm

Mesomornerm - Mesomornerm

6 songs
21:01 minutes
***** ***


I have spent the last three years many hours listening to Sad Eyed Lemurs albums, having reviewed eleven of them, although there have been some that even I didn't find the time or nerve to go through. Until now Mert Basaran released his albums under the name Sad Eyed Lemurs, some of them even with a backing band. And you can blame maybe many things on Mert Basaran, but certainly not that he is much of a talker. Therefore all we learn from the info sheet is that Mesomornerm is a one album project which was recorded by him in September 2006.

Are there any differences to the typical SEL sound? For one, there are no vocals whatsoever this time. And that's already most of what makes this a different project. The six songs are all relatively short, very moody and consist of dark keyboard sounds, grumbling bass guitar and subtle yet repetitive beats. The CD has the feeling of a soundtrack for a truly bizarre movie. Combine dark wave, post rock, ambient and grizzly B-movie sounds, and you are already halfway there.

Mesomornerm is a lot like Sad Eyed Lemurs, but have the questionable honour of being one of the only artists I have ever encountered that don't yield even a single hit on Google. Mert Basaran, one of the most prolific and most obscure artists from Eurasia, seems to work very, very hard on becoming more and more the Jandek from Turkey, which is actually quite funny as the formerly very discreet Jandek goes more and more public these days.

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