MESSIAH'S KISS - Dragonheart

Messiah's Kiss - Dragonheart

11 songs
45:11 minutes
***** *
Steamhammer / SPV


Somehow the last Messiah's Kiss album Metal received really a bad review from us. So I was not exactly looking forward to listening to their third album Dragonheart, but it seems that three years ago, we must have had really a mean temper. Dragonheart is anything but a bad metal album. In fact at moments it is even really quite cool, sounding like the best Rainbow album since Long Live Rock'n'Roll. This is due to Mike Tirelli's vocals that try very hard to sound like Ronnie James Dio, and you know what, he even succeeds. Tracks like Babylon or The Ivory Gates have the same mystical aura that what Rainbow did in the late Seventies. When Messiah's Kiss play faster, like on the title track, they manage to let themselves loose from their mighty idols.

Mike Tirelli, also known from Holy Mother and live vocalist for Riot, is a tremendous singer, who never seems to want to create an original work. Instead he unfortunately limits his band to create a crossover between crunchy Seventies hard rock and melodic power metal. It is far better than what many other bands do, but with a more daring approach to try something new, Dragonheart could even have become a better album. Six points for a nostalgic journey into the past. You have to decide for yourself if you want to spend money on something which has been done already nearly the same way thirty years ago.

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