Messiah's Kiss - Metal

14 songs
54:39 minutes
Steamhammer / SPV


What can you expect from a band that calls its album Metal? The name tells it all and the result is nothing else but metal. But there is a difference between high quality metal and low quality metal. Unfortunately, Messiah's Kiss make part of the group playing metal far below average. Reading their info sheet, you learn that they play traditional heavy metal in a very contemporary sonic outfit. To make things clearer, Messiah's Kiss are a clone of eighties metal acts like Running Wild, Accept, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and Manowar. But the difference between the students and the icons is that the former don't play as good metal as the latter. Listening to this album is a real dreadful experience. Messiah's Kiss even weren't able to make a fluid passage from the mandatory metal intro to the first metal song. This abrupt cut disturbed me already, but the forthcoming metal songs were even worse. Kids playing metal songs in a bedroom don't write worse songs after only a couple of rehearsals. The instrumentation is ok, but nothing exceptional. The singer really makes me sick, especially while trying to sing metal ballads or higher notes. This album would have deserved 0 points, but first of all, DisAgreement never gives less than 1 point and secondly, there's another point because the song Metal 'til We Die has a somewhat comic note. How many times can you find the word metal in this review?

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