METAL CHURCH - A Light In The Dark

Metal Church - A Light In The Dark

10 songs
60:33 minutes
***** ***
Steamhammer / SPV


Metal Church are one of the many speed and thrash metal bands that made a reunion a couple of years ago. Their comeback album The Weight Of The World wasn't bad, but of course not a smasher like their early classics . As the reviews for the comeback album weren't too fabulous in general, Metal Church decided to write a new record in the line of their first two albums Metal Church (1985) and The Dark (1986).

This time singer Ronny Munroe (ex-Rottweiler) is trying to sound like the late Metal Church singer David Wayne, but he doesn't have the same charisma although he's not doing too bad a job. Former Savatage drummer Jeff Plate has been hired as the new drummer. The album begins with the title track which starts as a traditional midtempo power thrash song before becoming much harder. A Light In The Dark contains a lot of changes from slower tracks like Beyond All Reason and Blinded By Life and up-tempo tracks like the extremely fast Son Of The Son and Disappear. My three personal faves on the record are The Believer, a slower track with wonderful vocal lines, the ten minute long Temples Of The Sea starts acoustically before developing a heavy, complex structure. Pill For The Kill is pure old-school thrash metal close to Annihilator. The album ends with a new version of Watch The Children Pray, a tribute to David Wayne who passed away in May 2005, a few months after a severe car accident. It's a nice gesture, but miles away from the original.

Compared to The Weight Of The World, A Light In The Dark is a slight improvement because of better songwriting. Metal traditionalists will surely love this record. But if you're not so familiar with Metal Church, I'd recommend trying one of their classics from the 80s first.

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