METAL CHURCH - The Weight Of The World

Metal Church - The Weight Of The World

10 songs
56:34 minutes
***** ***
Steamhammer / SPV


Metal Church are another legend daring a comeback in times where the prime of heavy metal has been over since 15 years. Kurdt Vanderhoof (g) and Kirk Arrington (d) are the only remaining founding members, but the other three musicians all have more or less the same age and lived the golden metal days, too. They gathered their metal experiences in bands like Malice (Jay Reynolds, g) or Rottweiler (Ronny Monroe, v). Although I'm not very familiar with the singer's past, I appreciate that he tries to sound like Metal Church icon David Wayne. So exactly 20 years after the release of their self-titled debut, Metal Church still succeed in creating a classic 80s power metal album. The opener Leave Them Behind is a very fast and furious track which puts you immediately in the right retro touch for this album. Metal Church underline that they still possess of broad metal repertoire and so the album contains also some more melodic and even contemporary stuff. It's good to hear that Metal Church are back with an astonishing singer who often uses high vocals, sounding like early Queensryche. The only more disappointing fact is that the songs are at times too long and especially the exaggerated number and length of guitar solos is annoying. If the album were ten minutes shorter, it would be perfect.

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