METAL CHURCH - The Present Wasteland

Metal Church - The Present Wasteland

10 songs
57:23 minutes
***** ***
Steamhammer / SPV


Metal Church are one of the longest serving metal bands and have achieved cult status already long ago. Active since 1981, they have already released nine studio albums. The band suffered from a break-up period between 1993 and 1999, had often dramatic line-up changes, but on The Present Wasteland, they are back with the same members that recorded their previous record A Light In The Dark.

Even though, or maybe because they are a living legend, they can’t produce today classics like The Dark (1986) and Blessing In Disguise (1989). Nonetheless guitarist Kurdt Vanderhoof, only remaining founding member, still gives his best and treats demanding metal fans with authentic power thrash metal.

The opener The Company Of Sorrow is an incredible high speed smasher that fascinates with high metal screams and leaves you wanting for more. The Perfect Crime cuts back on the velocity and proves that classical US power metal is another of the band’s strengths. The third track, Deeds Of A Dead Soul, is an unexpected throwback that suffers from its excessive length of eight minutes, not achieving more excitement than a regular Whitesnake song. Fortunately this is the only blackout. The following pieces are all on the accustomed high level again. Meet Your Maker is a hellishly fast track with lots of breaks, Breathe Again underlines perfectly the band’s more festive side, and Congregation ends the album with many surprising moments. It is as always a pleasure to witness how seamlessly Metal Church find a path between melody and aggression.

The Present Wasteland has the potential to become yet another timeless piece of thrash metal. Apart from a small blemish, you get solid heavy metal free from all current clichés that won’t disappoint fans of the genre. Quality still has a name!

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