METALIUM - Hero-Nation

Metalium - Hero-Nation

11 songs
57:54 minutes

To be honest, I don't like the name Metalium. It's cliché-ridden. I mean, back in the early 80ies, it was fun to have bands around with names like that: Metallica, Metal Church,... Anyway, more prejudices come from the cover artwork, which is a poorly rendered adaptation of some kind of Atlas carrying the world on his shoulders. The info sheet shows us that the lyrics are all inspired by great literature works and historical events from the past, like Nero, Rasputin, Romeo and Juliet, etc. I admit, I prefer this to the 100th rehashing of some kind of true metal cliché, but what do thoughtful lyrics change when the music can't live up to the ambitions.

It's fast melodic power metal... not bad if done properly, but I can't seem to find any original touch in their music. Maybe it's just me, maybe I just don't like that kind of music anymore, but then I really love the new Rhapsody album, so there has to be something wrong. It's like I'm sitting there, listening to the album, and nothing's happening to me, like keeping me cold instead of giving me shivers.

Then, when you think you have heard it all, you get like two minutes of silence before you get surprised by a hidden bonus track, introduced by the band themselves in very bad English. It's a cover version of the music from some kind of German boxing champ (I am soooo interested in boxing I didn't even know his name). That song is more AOR and shows Metalium from a better side. Maybe they should reconsider their musical route and dig deeper into mainstream rock which shows them from a more adult side.

I'll keep it with a neutral 5, because Metalium know how to do their jobs, but it's not my cup of tea.

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