METALIUM - Incubus (Chapter Seven)

Metalium - Incubus (Chapter Seven)

10 songs
46:21 minutes
***** *


It’s been years ago when DisAgreement reviewed the third chapter of this seemingly never ending saga by German power metal band Metalium. Now they have already at the seventh instalment of their saga about their heroes Metalian and Metaliana, and although I have no idea what the lyrics are about, I think they earn a Razzie award for the silliest character names ever.

From a musical point of view, it’s still what you would expect of this band. Muscular power metal with high vocals that defies any concessions to melodic or progressive metal, and that’s the one area where Metalium are even able to score. What they lack is unfortunately concise songwriting. At times they really rip you out of your slumber (I always get an adrenaline rush on the fast Meet Your Maker), but mostly they seem at a loss when it comes to turning a good song into a great song, and that’s something you would take for granted from such an experienced band.

Incubus is eventually an above average power metal album that definitely has its moment, but Metalium would be better off to get rid of their immature concept and concentrate instead on more crushing song ideas.

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