METEORS - Hymns For The Hellbound

Meteors - Hymns For The Hellbound

12 songs
50:12 minutes
***** **
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The Meteors are a true psychobilly cult band from England. Singer and guitarist Paul Fenech founded the band in 1980 after he had quit the Southern Boys. Their debut record was released in 1981, but the band’s most successful record was Wreckin’ Crew (1983). Over the years, there have been many line-up changes, with Paul Fenech being the only remaining original band member. So far he has wasted nine bass players and six drummers. As he’s the sole responsible for the song writing, the new album doesn’t sound different from what the band has done in the past.

If you don’t consider EPs, singles, live recordings and best-of collections, Hymns For The Hellbound is already the 23rd official Meteors release. If you like rockabilly with a dark punk edge, the new Meteors CD will certainly be something for you. As I’m not a specialist of psychodilly, I cannot discover much outstanding material on this record. My personal faves are the early tracks like My Slaughtering Ways which would fit well in a Tarantino movie, and Phantom Rider which has a bad guy western flair. I don’t know if the Meteors put their best songs on the beginning of the record or if I became bored after a few songs as this music doesn’t contain too much variation. Even if some songs are a bit slower, most of them show the same repetitive structures of dark punk and rock’n’roll, deeply tuned guitars, monotone raw vocals and horror b-movie like lyrics.

I’m pretty sure that I will not pay too much attention to the Meteors, but I can’t say that they are really annoying. It just doesn’t reach my centre of interest. I suppose that fans of the Cramps and Nekromantix will adore this music as well, as this kind of music doesn’t put too much emphasis on new elements. The record has a decent running time and a fitting production, so you might as well give it a try.

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