METEORS - These Evil Things

Meteors - These Evil Things

12 songs
48:52 minutes
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The Meteors are one of the bands I have often heard about but never made the effort to discover. Apart from there being so many bands you don't know where to start, I always thought that knowing the Cramps is enough rockabilly for a normal mortal being like me. Now, nearly 25 years after their inception, I finally get my first Meteors album, and I can't say that it's overwhelming me. These Evil Things starts with an instrumental, making me wonder where actually to find the exact difference between common rockabilly and psychobilly, a sub-genre the Meteors invented to set themselves apart from the softening rockabilly movement. It's mostly electric guitar, stand-up bass and drums, with a certain punk edge that can be felt for instance on the following Dog, sounding like a ruder Toy Dolls. Juggernaut is probably what you would expect from a band like the Meteors: raw and dirty Fifties guitars with a nice garagy edge and a vocalist who probably smoked way too many cigarettes. While this works nicely on this song, the album tends to drag from hereon, improving mostly on the instrumental parts (The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Killer) and the ironic Judas Priest cover version Breaking The Law, not very close to the original, but with that song having been covered already a zillion times before, this is one of the more refreshing versions.

Will The Meteors get a new or a bigger audience with These Evil Things? The colourful comic horror artwork is quite nice, but nothing truly original. The same can be said about the music, and although no one really expects a rockabilly or psychobilly band to reinvent music, this is probably an album that may please the targeted audience, but newcomers to the genre can find just as many other and better starting points. Having now listened to the album a couple of times, I can't say I really like or dislike it. At moments it's really a fun ride, but then it can become just as annoying a song later. Probably ok for those who are into this kind of music, but I can only hand out wary 5 points.

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