METRIC NOISE - Racing Laps Of Distortion

Metric Noise - Racing Laps Of Distortion

11 songs
48:34 minutes
***** ****


After two self-financed CDs, Copenhagen based noise three-piece Metric Noise finally release their first full-length album, five years after the band foundation. Metric Noise claim to be influenced by the American post rock and post punk scene and they count bands like Sonic Youth, Placebo and The Pixies among their influences. The guitar work is sometimes as distorted as we know it from Sonic Youth (especially on Mox Jive) and parallels between their singer and Frank Black can't be denied either. But it wouldn't be fair to consider Metric Noise as simple clones. The song writing is straight and energetic and shows a fuck-you attitude towards contemporary hypes, which I appreciate very much. Teenage Drunk is a good example where they sound like untamed Dinosaur Jr. All 11 songs on the record sound absolutely honest, leaving no room for boredom. The vocals are direct and sometimes sounding desperate, but there are also more harmonic parts as may be heard on the first two songs Here She Comes and Wires. The Void is even fit for shoegazers. Without trying to reinvent music, Metric Noise have been able to create a straight distorted rock album which does not only create nostalgic feelings in older listeners, but also kicks ass during the whole running time.

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