METRO - Remixed

Metro - Remixed

10 songs
55:28 minutes
***** ***


After the success of last year Too Many Lovers, Metro commissioned local artists to create remixes of the four songs from that EP to be released as a limited edition, good old-fashioned cassette tape. This retro packaging is of course a nice contrast to the trio’s rather modern musical outlook, but purchasers got of course a complimentary MP3 download code with the tape.

Quite often, remix albums fail because of the remixers’ shyness of really doing something new with the material. Fortunately this is not the case here, as can be guessed already when perusing the names of those involved, coming from the most different cultures: techno, electro, lo-fi and much more.

Side A starts with a lengthy deconstructionist analysis of the EP’s magnum opus Kraut Controller courtesy of In Circles. Although this is certainly well done, its heady approach may not be the best entry point into the tape. Artaban have a take on I Know I Can Never Really Make It Up To You, starting the track in a mellow, laid back fashion before giving it their trademark beats. Nice, if unsurprising. The first highlight comes from Loose Body Parts who transforms Dr Love into a sultry bar jazz piece. This is what happens when a remix really works! Just as fun is Plastic Pedestrian’s Dadaist experimentation of I Know I Can Never Really Make It Up To You. Considering that he’s a member of Metro, this track gives an alternative view of one of their songs. The first half ends with another version of Dr Love, this time an extended techno mix by Dr. Gonzo and Pablo Discobar. Although the chill club beats definitely take over, they manage to maintain the original spirit of the song.

Side B starts with a Sug(r)cane remix of Attack Of The American Girls, ending with the same conclusion I came up with Artaban before. Another techno DJ, Michel Van Tune, does really wonders on Kraut Controller, acting less hardcore than the two DJs before, and combining the bass heavy krautness of the original material with tribal beats. This is followed by two more version of I Know I Can Never Really Make It Up To You. The first is by Midicrash, who gives the song a spacy electronic flair, while the following by lo-fi master Yikez! is once again another gem to be cherished. This might be the only track that outs a lot of emphasis on the guitar. The final piece should be considered a bonus track, as You’re Never Sexy was already featured as the hit single on Metro’s 2009 EP We’re Never Sexy. The remixer is once again Loose Body Parts, and he is giving it the same treatment as he did on the A-Side.

I would deem releasing a cassette tape a silly idea, but the download code justifies it, making this eventually a novelty item that is furthermore fun to listen to. It’s pointless discussing whether the originals or the remixes are better, because no matter what, I have rarely come across such an entertaining remix album, and the generous length of nearly one hour should dispel the last doubts.

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