METRO - Too Many Lovers

Metro - Too Many Lovers

4 songs
21:35 minutes
***** ****
Waggle Daggle


One year after their EP We’re Never Sexy, local electro rockers Metro are already back with their newest EP Too Many Lovers, which they decided this time to release as a vinyl twelve inch record coming with a complimentary CD to make life easier for their more digital minded fans.

Metro began as a guitar based quartet and released a self-titled longplayer in 2006, but soon enough realised that they were better off as a three-piece, especially since founding members Olivier (vocals, guitar, keyboards) and Mike (drums, vocals) found a kindred spirit in Yves (bass, keyboards, vocals). Last year’s EP was still rather pop oriented, although already a huge step forward from their Brit rock sounding beginnings, and Metro wouldn’t be Metro if they hadn’t dared into stranger territories again with their new record.

This is best displayed on the opener Attack Of The American Girls, which is also the first single of the EP. You won’t hear any guitars on this track, instead you get a lot of synthesizers and even a techno sequencer part that adds a cheesy club atmosphere, which would have failed terribly, had it not been for the band’s self-ironic stance of experimenting with genre atypical influences. The following Dr Love is a groovy electro rocker with high pitched soulish backing vocals and an overall pornographic touch, making this another winner but also giving the impression as if the band has this time opted for quite a cynical approach.

The B-side starts with Kraut Controller, an eight minute monster which is, as the title betrays, a homage to German kraut rock of the Seventies. A bass sequence is running through the song, giving the band lots of time to add psychedelic synth lines. It’s a nice enough track, although it still seems a little unusual coming from Metro. The EP ends with the quasi-ballad I Know I Can Never Really Make It Up To You, and again kitsch driven synth sounds and even a horn section save this track from becoming something generic.

Too Many Lovers is definitely another step forward for Metro who combine splendidly their live instrumentation with sampled synths, bass and drums. Unlike other bands from Luxembourg, they hardly try to ingratiate themselves with their audiences, instead opt for a more complex attitude that displays elements of cynicism and self-irony. This will prevent them from becoming as popular as other local bands (Eternal Tango, Versus You, The Disliked,…) but I believe it is worth the price for maintaining their originality in a musical environment where too many artists run the risk of sounding alike.

It seems unlikely that Metro will release a new longplayer anytime soon, because they have decided that it is easier to entertain on the shorter EP format. I can only agree, and hope that their new deal with German record label Waggle Daggle will make their excellent music more widely accessible outside the borders of our small country.

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