MIAMI GOLEM - Yeah Whatever

Miami Golem - Yeah Whatever

12 songs
41:15 minutes
***** ***
Swell Creek


It's easy to hear that the musicians from Berlin's Miami Golem (the name is taken from a horror B-movie) have a straight punk and hardcore background. The songs on their first full length CD still contain punk and hardcore elements, but the band is moving into a straighter melodic emo direction. Although not every song is a highlight, Miami Golem have started to follow the path of bands like Grade and Waterdown. Most songs are solid smashers (my favourites are Joy Of Painting, Moral Majority and Beyond Me), but some stand apart from the majority. Track You Down is sounding wavy, like The Cure on speed, and Disorientation is more rock than hardcore. Miami Golem know how to write memorable melodies, but improvements are still necessary when it comes to the general structures of the songs. Yeah Whatever is a respectable debut and leaves no doubts that this band will mature in the future.

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