MIAOW MIAOW - Summertime For A Lifetime

Miaow Miaow - Summertime For A Lifetime

14 songs
56:15 minutes
***** ****


It all seemed like one more all-star band when they started out. With members playing or having played in bands like Actarus, Treasure Chest At The End Of The Rainbow, Mutiny On The Bounty, Do Andro´ds Dream Of Electric Sheep?, Eyston, Hal Flavin,... this promised to be one more Schalltot Collective math core band. Their first shows didn’t convince me too much, but their debut album, titled Summertime For A Lifetime, and book-ended by the tracks Summertime and Summerend, has become what it intended to be from the first moment on: the soundtrack for summer. You can accuse global warming of anything, but after Miaow Miaow’s debut, I am convinced that it was their music that made this year’s April so warm.

There is of course still some nervous guitar playing, but Miaow Miaow take care to let the song always win in the end. Hitmaker and Rio are best possible power pop, but the nearly one-hour long album has also some gems hidden further on, like Sharks And Villains or Never. Slower material like Meeting At The Hospital and Go Back To Studies show that the band is clearly influenced by Pavement.

Metro may have discovered brit rock for Luxembourg, but Miaow Miaow are even more refreshing with their easygoing American tinged Nineties power pop. Summertime For A Lifetime is a one-hour roundtrip of good vibes and in my opinion the best Schalltot related release ever. Nine points, let the summer begin!

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