Michael Bormann - Conspiracy

13 songs
62:47 minutes


I am always sceptical of albums released by a solo artist instead of a band. Maybe it's a birth defect, or a chromosomal anomaly, but I can't help it, and every so often I am even proven right. Michael Bormann used to be the singer for German melodic metal rock band Jaded Heart until they kicked him out. Now Mr Bormann is totally pissed at his former colleagues and is bombing them with his most atrocious melodic rock venom.

So I can understand that he's angry, and his lyrics show this all too clearly, but somehow Bormann fails to convey his frustration into his music which still remains top notch melodic rock, and that's where the main problem lies. This music was maybe fashionable twenty years ago, but today it's probably only mullet-heads with hairdressers for girlfriends who listen to this kind of music: combine arena rock with ballads from Aerosmith, Queen and Bon Jovi, and there you are.

Furthermore Conspiracy is way too long for its own good. In the Eighties, before CDs were commonplace, I would have had to suffer only for about forty minutes, but this full hour of melodic rock assaults were just too much for me. Conspiracy seems to have been released on Bormann's own label, understandable after what happened to him in his ex-band, and even if I can give this album only a 2 out of 10 rating, my forays into the melodic rock regions of the Internet have shown that Michael Bormann has still a lot of support among his former friends, and that probably counts more to him than the opinion of an avant-garde molested music critic.

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