MICHAEL HARRIS - Words Collide

Michael Harris - Words Collide

14 songs
62:04 minutes
***** ***


Michael Harris made himself already a good reputation as singer of the two metal bands Arch Rival and Surgeon. Then he played together with David T. Chastain some instrumental guitar albums until he decided to make a solo album with vocals. On Words Collide, Michael Harris is playing all instruments and singing, only his brother Brian is playing drums. He likes to underline that this album contains no keyboards. The first song Wash My Soul Away is a great prog metal track where vocals as well as instrumentation are absolutely convincing. It sounds a bit like a light version of Dream Theater. Listening to the rest of the album shows that Michael Harris is a multi-talented musician. The album contains heavier tracks like the long Battle Fatigue or the title track, but there's also melodic stuff, like Tears Roll Down and Mask Of Deception. Prog rock fans will adore Mr Strange which sounds like contemporary Marillion, or Into The Spiral Rain where I discovered parallels to Echolyn. The only more disappointing pieces are some instrumentals where Michael Harris shows how good he can play. Well, this album is far above the average instrumental guitar releases because Michael Harris has found the perfect combination of rock and prog.

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