Michael Schenker Group - Arachnophobiac

11 songs
52:17 minutes


I admit I have never been a fan of Michael Schenker, and even thought that his work with UFO was severely overrated. That's just my opinion, but I want to make it clear that the reason I hate this new album so much has nothing to do with my personal impression of the music.

Talking about the musical content is quick and easy: dull hardrock in the style of the 70ies, with a vocalist who has one of these bluesy whiskey-drenched voices I already hated when I was a kid. The album doesn't even come with a good production, everything sounds a bit swampy. So let's face it, when an artist has been around for more than 30 years, his new releases are only bought by die-hard fans, whatever the quality may be. That's why I have to have every Peter Hammill album, even his unlistenable experimental crap, and so there are most likely similar Michael Schenker fans. I am convinced that this album won't bring him one new fan (and I guess he even knows it).

So why do I hate Arachnophobiac so much? After having visited vocalist Chris Logan's website, I was shocked to find link to right-wing redneck American websites bashing French and German people. Xenophobia is never acceptable, and the fact that Mr Logan displays the primitive American imperialist attitude is revealed in his lyrics (One World, but really whose world?), and the jingoistic Fatal Strike. With links to websites entitled FranceStinks and Why France Stinks, I won't incite you - due to legal reasons - to bring bags full of shit to throw them on stage when MSG play live so that Mr Logan gets a smell of what he accuses other people of, but the least you can do is boycot bands where at least one member has such unacceptable political views.

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