MICKE FROM SWEDEN - Waiting For The End

Micke From Sweden - Waiting For The End

10 songs
37:39 minutes
***** ****
Nordic Notes


Looking on the cover like the late Austrian pop singer Falco, Micke From Sweden is a Swedish pianist who is better known as the organist for Atomic Swing, at least in his native country. After a first solo album last year, he is already back with a new collection of songs titled Waiting For The End, produced by Kaizers Orchestra vocalist Janove Ottesen. From a man who once shook hands with the King of Sweden and who adores cats, you can only expect decent music. The CD starts with the six minute long title track, immersing the listener instantly into a sonic universe from a time long past. Micke From Sweden is a master of melancholy, and he uses that emotion with perfection. Switching between moving ballads and upbeat piano songs owing somewhat to ragtime music, Micke is taking his audience to a journey back in time, when even sadness was more carefree than it is today.

No matter if it’s the swinging Stop That Bus, the tongue-in-cheek Handcuffed or the playfully nostalgic Exception To The Rule, Micke From Sweden is not only a master of his craft, but I get even more out of his solo effort than from Atomic Swing. He circumvents the problem of drowning in downbeat moods by having hired a lot of guests who add guitars, pump organ, mandolin, drums, violins, accordion, trumpet and a whole lot more to his sound. Although he has a distinct musical personality, I feel reminded of Ben Folds, and to a lesser extent Dresden Dolls, Spookey Ruben and Jens Lekman, all of them artists that couldn’t care less for current trends and prefer to reproduce sounds that you wouldn’t expect in this time and day.

Waiting For The End is an extremely mature album, full of great songs, spiced with exhilarating atmospheres and a zest that is all too rare in modern pop and rock albums these days. This is not an instant pleaser, you need to give it time to grow on you, but once you’re in Micke’s sonic universe, you don’t want to leave ever again.

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