MIGHT SINK SHIPS - Even Nothing Is Definite

Might Sink Ships - Even Nothing Is Definite

11 songs
54:22 minutes
***** ****
Sweet Home


Usually artists on Sweet Home Records sound not too exciting, sometimes even a little unspectacular, so I didn’t look too forward to listening to Might Sink Ship’s debut album, but the Saxonian three piece didn’t hesitate to teach me better.

Might Sink Ships are not at home with one genre only, instead they prefer to play a mature mix of post rock, prog rock and alternative rock, and are also not afraid to let the guitars scream from time to time. They had been working for three years on their first CD, and it shows. Their compositions are quite complex, elaborate and unpredictable. Despite this unorthodox approach, they manage again and again to allow accessible elements into their sound. Their fondness of noise rock (comparisons to Blackmail, Sharon Stoned and Harmful make sense) betrays their German origin, but this doesn’t work to their disadvantage as the final product is quite perfect in every way.

Sometimes they flirt with different musical styles, as the very majestic scope of Poet vs. Paradise. Even stoner and retro rock elements are sometimes used. My favourite track is Merry-Go-Round with its slight brit pop flair.

Might Sink Ships sound fresh and invigorating. They show already a lot of potential on their debut. Let’s hope that Even Nothing Is Definite will get the deserved attention.

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